We are proud to notify that our recently completed “Clean Room” with 680 pallet capacity, new push back racks, renovated dispatch area, and entire facility held strong during hurricane María.

The island experienced a direct impact causing large amounts of damage, but thanks to our dedicated team of employees Sachs began operating just two days after the storm and are committed to play our part in Puerto Rico’s rebuilding efforts.

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with JRS Pharma.

At Sachs we are constantly striving for new ways to serve our clients. This exclusive relationship allows us to expand our offering by introducing Excipients to our product line.

Get to know: Fernando Ortega

Fernando Ortega, our President, founded the company in June 1986 with 3 employees. For over 30 years Fernando has continued to grow the company locally and recently expanded operations by launching Sachs Costa Rica this year. Fernando loves to work and is passionate about caring for his clients and employees. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and boating.

Fun Fact

Most people don’t know where our name comes from. The story might not be what you expect. Fernando and former partner loved cars and Sachs is a German manufacturer of automotive parts. They liked how the name sounded and Sachs Chemical was born.